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Over a period of time there have been a number of new insurers that have come into this marketplace. To get cheap HGV insurance, it is advisable to compare and contrast as many quotes as possible. We have all of the market covered, and in so doing we can negotiate on behalf of you. If you are just beginning in the transport and haulage business, then you will need to create a business plan and a cash flow forecast. By creating a detailed plan, it will become apparent that it is vital to contain all costs as the business moves forward. There can be a number of unforeseen costs and it is very important to maintain a good track record with the insurers so that a no claims bonus situation can be increased allowing the premiums to fall.

Who’s The Best For HGV Insurance?

As you look around the market, there are a number of specialist brokers and it is important to get a number of quotes. By comparing quotes, and altering various factors, it is possible to negotiate with the broker and find the best deal. The postcode that the business operates from has a bearing on the premium and generally as a rule of thumb, the inner city postcodes in London and Birmingham are higher whereas postcodes in more rural locations are seen as lower risk and therefore have lower premiums. Other factors that alter the premium is the level of cover so you may want to think whether you want to go for the third party option or do you need fully comprehensive cover. In reality, if the vehicle is worth more than £10,000-£15,000, then you will probably want to take comprehensive cover. This would mean that if the vehicle was in a total loss situation, you will be fully refunded less the excess, whatever that might be.

How Long Are HGV Insurance Policies

Virtually all policies of this nature are for a twelve month period. It is possible to get short term rates, however, there is a significant loading for the short term, and invariably it is not worthwhile. Once you have had a policy for twelve months and it is coming around for renewal, you will only generally be able to get a renewal quotation less than thirty days from the renewal date. When coming round for the renewal quote, you will need to establish exactly your amount of no claims bonus. This will be used by the insurer to calculate next years HGV insurance premium.

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