44 Tonne Truck Insurance

44 Tonne Truck Insurance

44 Tonne Truck Insurance

If you own and operate a 44 tonne truck, you will probably be aware how high some of the running costs can be. You probably understand the cost of fuel, the rising cost of good drivers, and the general running costs of a vehicle of that size. Generally, a 44 tonne truck will be pulling a trailer which would normally be a 3 axel curtainsider or flat bed. Curtainsiders are generally used in the movement of pallets. This allows the trailer to be loaded from both sides, or it can be reversed to a hob, and the pallets loaded at the rear. Flat bed trailers are generally used in the movement of engineering materials such as steel or aluminium. These products do not really need to be enclosed and can be out in the elements. They are generally secured to the trailer via straps and can often be craned on and off to the back of a vehicle. Operating this kind of vehicle may involve using different types of trailer and this might be intermingled with a fridge, a flat, or a curtainsider.

Options For 44 Tonne Truck Insurance

Depending on what product you are carrying, you may or may not require goods in transit cover. If the commodity is of a low value then it may not be required, however, if you are carrying valuable items such as non ferrous metals or electrical goods, these can be theft attractive and your distributor will probably require you to have goods in transit cover. If you are working abroad, then you will require a European operator’s licence. These require the owner or operator to do a course, and fully understand the legal implications and paper work when carrying goods to and from Europe.

Legal Cover and 44 Tonne Truck Insurance

When owning and operating a vehicle of this size, certain disputes can arise. These disputes may come regarding your operator’s licence. It is a requirement that the vehicle has regular inspections and is maintained to a good standard. If the operator breaches these regulations then he may have the operator’s licence suspended or revoked. Other disputes can arise if goods are damaged and complications can occur as to whose fault the damage was. By having legal cover, this enables the operator to be covered for up to £100,000 of legal fees. So, an owner operator who is looking for 44 tonne truck insurance needs to carefully consider whether this add on is required.

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