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Lorry Insurance What Are The Options?

In recent years prices have risen due to large number of claims within the market. It is important to compare lorry insurance quotes from a wide number of insurers and underwriters. By requesting a quote from a large number of insurers, it is possible to make them compete for the business, and in so doing you can reduce your overall premium. We have good relationships with a number of insurers, and by looking around the market certain insurers will over accelerated bonus. This means that when a truck has two years or more, and a good track record, the bonus can be accelerated to the maximum allowance. Another useful feature with certain insurers is the introductory discount. This allows a new start operator to get up to 5 years intro discount when they have a letter from the previous employer to show that there have been no claims.

How Do I Get Cheap Lorry Insurance?

The easiest way to find the best price is to use a comparison service which has all of the contacts within the market. This can save the individual a great amount of time and enable them to find the best deal quickly. When you are looking for a quote, ensure that you have all of the relevant details to hand, and establish whether you want fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft, or third party only. Also, you will need to establish exactly what drivers, and the age of the drivers who will be driving the vehicle. The rates that you get will alter generally on the size of the vehicle, with a seven and a half tonne truck being at the cheaper end, and the rates increasing as you go up to forty four tonne. This is because the insurer deems the larger vehicles to be a greater risk.

Additional Features For Lorry Insurance

When you are looking to purchase a policy you may well be offered a number of additional features. It is beneficial to establish if you need these from the outset as often they will be sold as additional add ons. Also, look carefully at the finance rates as these can vary enormously between different providers. By looking carefully at the finance rates, you can work out the overall cost of the finance, and by increasing the amount of deposit you put down, you are able to reduce the overall finance costs of your lorry insurance.

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