International Truck Insurance

International Truck Insurance

International Truck Insurance Cover

If you are a haulage business or a business taking your own goods to Europe then you will need insurance cover for the vehicle and the goods when travelling to these countries. Standard cover will allow your vehicle to be covered third party, however, if you require fully comprehensive then you will need a green card. Different countries have higher levels of risk than other countries. Italy and Spain are generally thought of as higher risk, and there are various bandings or groups from 1-7. The lowest countries are countries such a France or Belgium or the Benelux countries which is generally considered to be group 1. Invariably, if you are doing European work then you will need a very reliable vehicle, and a vehicle that is probably under 3 years old, so normally it is advisable to have fully comprehensive cover under 25 as well as over 25.

Goods in Transit with International Truck Insurance

When you are doing continental work it is of paramount importance to have a good level of goods in transit cover. Standard RHA conditions allow cover per tonne. This rate can be between £1300 and £6000 per tonne. This is acceptable for most products, however if you are carrying goods of a high value such as electrical goods like TVs or music equipment, then you may need a higher level of cover. In certain situations, the cover provided for goods in transit can be done per load, so cover could be arranged for up to £100,000 or £200,000 per load.

Providers of International Truck Insurance

There are a number of specialist brokers that provide international truck insurance and often enough policy can be found that insures the vehicle, the goods in transit, and also covers the public liability. By comparing all of the different underwriters, it is possible to make insurers compete for your business and, in so doing, drive down the costs. Also, a variable that is important is the minimum age of the drivers, and if all of the drivers of the vehicle are over 30 then it will help keep the costs to a minimum. Alternatively, you can name each individual driver but this doe4s reduce the flexibility in the event of a driver being required at short notice. Comparing all of the quotes within the market can be done with us, as we have excellent relationships with underwriters who specialise in international truck insurance.

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