Recovery Truck Insurance

Recovery Truck Insurance

Recovery Truck Insurance How Do I Reduce Costs

If you are working in the motor trade then you probably will be needing a recovery truck. This requires a specific insurance for this type of vehicle. It is important to establish whether you will just be using the truck for carrying vehicles to and from your garage for repair, or whether you will be using the vehicle as a transporter of other people’s vehicles. A recovery truck can be insured individually, or it can be covered under a motor trade insurance policy. This type of policy covers the vehicle under its own road risk, or it can be covered under a combined motor trade insurance policy, which includes the vehicles and also the premises. If the vehicle is covered under a motor trade policy, then all of the vehicles that are carried on the back of your vehicle will be covered. However, if the vehicle was insured on an individual basis, then the vehicles it was carrying would need to be covered under a goods in transit policy.

Motor Trade and Recovery Truck Insurance

The motor trade insurance policy can cover the recovery truck for the movement of vehicles. The level of cover would still be the dame, and would need to be either fully comprehensive or third party. The operator would need to establish exactly the maximum value of the vehicle so that this can be included in the cover. Often enough, the policy will cover the vehicle being transported provided the vehicle is being attended to by the driver. It is vital to compare different quotes from insurers and double check the small print to ensure that the vehicle that is being transported is fully covered.

Recovery Truck insurance and EU cover

In certain situations, recovery truck vehicles are used to recover vehicles from European countries. This can occur if a vehicle is involved in an accident, and has become damaged and requires ongoing repair. It may also occur if the vehicle has had an engine failure, and was too costly to be fixed abroad. Often enough, the operator will want to contain costs and have the vehicle repaired back at their base. Standard cover for these vehicles would be third party only, and a green card would be needed if the vehicle needed to be covered on a fully comprehensive basis. Generally speaking, the green card is available at between 30-40% extra of the premium. If you are using the vehicle abroad, then it would be advisable to have a green card included in your recovery truck insurance policy.

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