How Can I Get Affordable Truck Insurance

How Can I Get Affordable Truck Insurance

How Can I Get Affordable Truck Insurance?

The market  for truck insurance has altered significantly in recent years for a numerous of reasons.  There is a war in Ukraine  and Israel and the cost of living has gone through the roof.  All things considered it is surprising that online HGV Insurance is not more expensive than it is. Trucks can be over £200,000 and the running costs are getting higher and higher.
The cost of  manufacturing trucks has increased and the energy prices have risen and the therefore the steel and plastic components is going up and up. Even if a large haulage company that  is buying large number for HGVs the price is still up as it only allows a small discount of buying bigger numbers of commercial vehicles be it   HGVs of LGVS   that are 44 ton , 32 ton or 18 ton. And is so doing the cost of HGV fleet Insurance on bigger fleets is still high.
The only possible way of reducing this is by installing telematics and trackers, although this seems a big cost to set up it may well have a long term benefit by reducing the number frequency and amount of claims by third parties.

When a new haulier sets up a new venture it is vital that a comprehensive  business plan is put together and this details all the potential overheads and fuel is a massive consideration as it represents a big unavoidable cost. The best way to find affordable truck insurance is to contact a specialist in truck / HGV insurance  and see what discounts can be obtained . There may be options to obtain a discount if you have car with no claims bonus and this can be mirrored onto the first commercial vehicle that you insure .  Get more information on how to compare truck insurance prices. As you grow in size and increase the number of 44 ton trucks that you have working in the UK , then it can be case that the insurer will carry the bonus from one truck to another and so the process goes on. Moving forward there is a shortage of drivers therefore you may need an any driver product , however , this will be more than a named driver policy.
So in essence the drivers that are employed can make or break a haulage company, so a rigorous selection procedure is of paramount importance to a fledgling transport company.


Can Young Drivers Still Get Affordable HGV Policies

During the challenging times there has been an issue getting young drivers covered. After the covid pandemic there was a government incentive to help get  more new drivers in to the haulage industry. This has happened but once the divers are qualified
most insurers will not cover them until they have at least two years’ experience in driving large goods vehicles LGVs .  To get the best  and cheapest lorry Insurance cost an see an online quote click here. But here lies the problem how can they get experience if they cannot get the cover they need to be on the road. All they can do is keep their  HGV licence and wait for the time to pass. It is not that the insurance is unaffordable it is just that it is not available. The only thing that can change this is government intervention and new government policy via VOSA. The young drivers will be itching to drive but finding cheap truck insurance and this is  a major issue for the next wave of drivers on which the country is relying on. It is most likely that a young driver will get work on rigid vehicles like tippers rather than artics. If you are doing international work then see our dedicated page . These only require a class 2 licence rather the full blown class 1 which allows the driver to drive artics  at the GVW of 44 ton . A Haulier may well be able to get a driver included on his or her tipper fleet insurance policy as the new drivers is added to the policy. IFfyou need a cheap truck fleet insurance quote see the advantages on the link here. To summarize the only way for a new start young driver to get affordable truck insurance to  get put on a fleet policy until the driver has enough experience to  go it alone.




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