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In today’s market, truck fleet insurance has become very competitive. If you are a new start truck business, then you will need cover for the vehicle and goods in transit. By comparing different insurers, it enables the individual to get a complete range of prices. Certain insurers have specific likes and dislikes. Some underwriters would like to take on new start businesses, whereas others will not. Other underwriters can be very good at combining the goods in transit cover with the vehicle cover in one complete policy. Other situations may arise when the truck in going abroad to a European destination. In this situation, the vehicle will need a green card which means that the vehicle is covered on a fully comprehensive basis whilst travelling to Europe.

Finding The Best Broker

When you are looking for a policy, there are numerous brokers that can provide quotations. Because truck fleet insurance is a commercial policy, then it is normally not available directly from the insurer, and therefore you will need to go through a broker. When getting a quotation from a broker, they will usually run through the cover, and invariably in the conversation the broker will ask the question “what is the best rate you have had so far?” It is important to answer this question truthfully, as this will help the broker negotiate on your behalf to get the best deal. Also, when you are looking for a quotation, there are a number of additional features which can help reduce the overall premium. It is possible to name the individual driver who will be driving the truck, or you can have a policy for any driver over 25, or any driver over 30. So, before you begin finding a quotation, you need to establish exactly who will be driving the vehicle, as this will save time during the quote.

Other Options In Truck Insurance

Additional features that can be added to a policy are things such as legal cover, and breakdown assistance. The breakdown cover normally allows the haulier to be towed to a local garage, and the cover normally allows this to happen up to 5 times per year. This can be beneficial if you are running an older vehicle, or vehicle that is perhaps outside its warranty. Legal cover is also useful, as in the event of a legal case perhaps with regards to your operator’s license, then it is peace of mind to know that you are covered for this.

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