18 Tonne Truck Insurance

18 Tonne Truck Insurance

18 Tonne Truck Insurance

18 tonners are generally used by haulage companies to do multi drop deliveries. These vehicles are generally rigid, and capable of doing deliveries to smaller shops and retail units. With the 18 tonne vehicle being a curtainsider, it allows the vehicle to be unloaded from either side, and the rear. Often enough, the distribution warehouse will break down the loads and send them out on an 18 tonner. This type of vehicle requires a Class II HGV driving test. 18 tonners can also come with a box body type. These vehicles also provide added security to the loads, as the vehicle can be secured and therefore if the goods are theft attractive there is a reduced risk of theft.

Best Brokers For 18 Tonne Truck Insurance

If you are looking to get a competitive quote for your 18 tonne vehicle, then you will need to compare quotes from a number of insurers. We are able to speak directly to numerous insurers that have specialist schemes for a rigid 18 tonne truck. By getting a number of quotes from different insurance companies, then you will be able to negotiate a healthy discount.

Cameras and 18 Tonne Truck Insurance

A good way of reducing your insurance premiums is to have cameras fitted. These provide a digital record of everything that is happening in the front of the truck. They can dramatically reduce the cost of claims, and in particular third party claims. These cameras will be mounted in the front of the vehicle, and the information detained on a memory card, which can be removed when the vehicle returns to base. Other GPS tracking systems are available, which allow the operator to monitor fuel efficiency, and how well the vehicle is being driven through the day. These additional facilities do come at an extra cost, and therefore it is up to the operator to decide whether these are worth having. Overall, these additional features can only help reducing the cost of your 18 tonne truck insurance.

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