Tipper Fleet Insurance

Tipper Fleet Insurance

Tipper Fleet Insurance

Running a small or large fleet of Tipper vehicles can present significant challenges. As you are probably aware, there are numerous costs involved. Rising fuel costs in recent years have put a significant strain on companies working in the haulage sector. Increased legislation regarding driver’s hours, and compliance procedures can also increase costs. Nowadays, all drivers need a certificate of competence, which involves additional training for drivers. Whilst this good for the overall industry, it can have the effect of increasing the running costs to the firm. Therefore, one variable that needs to be carefully evaluated and managed is the insurance premiums, as if these are not controlled well it can have a devastating effect on the company.

Claims and Tipper Fleet Insurance

Operating a Tipper fleet usually encounters a certain number of claims. If these claims are contained, then in the long run it can be the best solution for the company. Employing reliable drivers with good track records and low accident rates cam substantially reduce the overall number of claims, and so keep insurance prices low. We have a dedicated claims department that will handle a claim from start to finish, and reduce the time and effort you will spend dealing with it. If at all possible, when a claim arises, if it can be sorted quickly and dealt with in house, then the insurer will not be involved and this will help at the renewal stage the following year. Various electronic recording systems can be utilised, but these can be costly and need to be fitted by an authorised and approved company.

Tipper Fleet Insurance For Young Drivers

When employing drivers, it is advisable that they have a proven record and minimum or no points on their licence. On a fleet policy, the insurer will generally classify that any driver over a certain age, usually anyone over 25 or 30, be insured. In the event of a driver being under 25 years old, the normal procedure would be that the driver was named on the policy, and they would have to forward a copy of their licence, which would be held with the insurer. Certain insurers will take the view that one or two younger drivers are acceptable, and they would not apply any additional loading.

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