Truck Insurance in Northern Ireland

Truck Insurance in Northern Ireland

Truck Insurance in Northern Ireland

Insurance for commercial vehicles in Northern Ireland is a little bit of a specialist market. Some insurers are not comfortable in covering risks in this area. A haulier may consider that the insurer is applying loading unnecessarily, however past events that have happened in Northern Ireland means that some insurers will not quote on these. We have specific partners and underwriting companies that will quote for these risks. The cover can also include goods in transit insurance, and employer’s liability insurance. We offer flexible deposits, and the payments can be staged out over the next 10-12 months, to reduce the financial costs and enable it to become just a working overhead.

Deals For Truck Insurance in Northern Ireland

The postcode of a risk has a significant bearing on the overall premium. Generally speaking, postcodes are ranked A-E. This information is calculated based on the claims history that certain postcodes have. Over a period of time, the insurer gets a clearer picture of those postcodes that have the most claims. They can therefore calculate exactly what premium should be applied to what postcode. If you are looking for truck insurance in Northern Ireland for a young driver, then the market becomes even narrower, and it may be so that the insurance becomes just too expensive and unworkable. However, we do have one insurer that will cater for this type of risk and so an affordable solution can be found.

Legal Expenses For Truck Insurance in Northern Ireland

No matter what type of activity you are doing within the haulage industry, legal complications can arise. These may come in the form of an industrial tribunal with a member of staff, or an issue with your operator’s licence. Other things that may arise are issues regarding tax and finance, and so it is advisable to have legal expenses cover in place. This add on will normally cover a business up to £100,000 in legal expenses. Certain legal cases can have spiralling costs and it can mean the end of a business. Therefore, to prevent this situation occurring legal cover for truck insurance in Northern Ireland is advisable.

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