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Insurance companies offer motor trade insurance, but the motor trade has a broad range of businesses. Motor trade companies range from car sales to recovery, couriers to haulage and much more. As a haulage business owner or fleet manager how do you ensure your 'motor trader insurance' is right for your business?

What is specialist haulage insurance?

Specialist haulage insurance is a policy designed to fit your haulage business. It is typically a great way to save money and get great coverage.

A precise policy for hauliers is essential; in no other sector of motor trade is their more variety. The types and number of vehicles belonging to each haulage company varies, from a fleet of artics, to 1 man and his van, and everything between. If your fleet is an integral part of your business, you will have different requirements to a company transporting goods on a contract basis.

With no 2 fleets the same, we understand a one size fits all policy does not give haulage businesses the security and coverage they need. The best way to get this is by arranging for a specialist haulage insurance broker to talk directly to the underwriters on your behalf.

What is the best way to save money on my specialist haulage insurance?

We find that one of the biggest impacts you can have on your premium is getting your class of goods coverage correct. Classification of goods is an integral part of the haulage business every day. Surprisingly hauliers often overlook this when searching for insurance. Often, hauliers find that their insurance covers them for levels of goods in transit insurance that they never use. It is surprising how many hauliers, find they're paying insurance to transport toxic substances. When in reality they are only moving limited quantities of paints and pesticides.

A specialist broker will understand the goods classifications your company works with. You need a policy matches the goods that you transport most regularly. By working with specialist haulage insurance brokers this can be achieved efficiently.

If you only occasionally transport dangerous goods, this can result in significant savings.

This is not the only area of your business where it is best to supply comprehensive information. Levels of staff training, whether you use telematics, and much more can have an impact on your premium. An insurance broker will take the time to understand all aspects of your business. They will use this information to arrange specialist haulage insurance that is right for your fleet.

Changing my specialist haulage insurance policy

Maybe you have the equipment and staff, a contract comes up, and you are being offered the opportunity to transport a different class of goods. Your business is always changing, and you need a specialist haulage insurance that will adapt with you. We find this is particularly important with new companies looking for their first haulage insurance quote. Yet it is also a feature which benefits established ventures. A specialist broker for insurance will negotiate these changes throughout your policy.

What else should I consider when comparing specialist haulage insurance?

In the long run having the right specialist haulage insurance will save you money. In the event of a claim you will have the coverage that you need to give you peace of mind. The correct policy for your business gives you the knowledge that your fleet and your drivers are protected. Whether you are searching for ‘What is the best haulage insurance for vans?” or still wondering “Which insurers offer specialist haulage insurance?” our specialists are available to answer any questions you have. Contact us today to find a policy that will work for your business.

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