Truck Insurance with Telematics

Truck Insurance with Telematics

Do I need a Telematics fleet insurance policy?

Which telematics insurance policies should I consider? Which policies are most suitable when introducing telematics to my fleet specifications?

We look at the best place to start when comparing telematics systems for your fleet. We consider the benefits they can offer your business. Find out where to seek specialist advice on telematics fleet insurance policies.

You can’t escape the internet of things in the motor industry. From meters to reduce your energy bills, to smart inventory tracking, it is everywhere! Today yet another article was published, about a large scale courier is using real time tracking for efficiency.

And of course telematics…

As a busy entrepreneur, or fleet manager, you can see your industry developing. It is likely you want to access all the benefits of fleet telematics, but you might have a lots of questions. How do fleet telematics work? Are my competitors are gaining competitive advantage from this technology? Will it help save my business money?

Maybe you have already implemented a smart insurance solution, but you're waiting to see the benefits. With so many suppliers of telematic devices, it is hard to assess the benefits of the pros and cons of each system.

Often, our customers see the benefits telematics in other companies, but aren’t sure how this will have a real world impact on their operations.

How can an insurance broker help me to digest information about fleet insurance with telematics?

We have spoken to clients who have spent hours on the internet reading the features of different telematic systems. Unfortunately, taking time to understand the hardware will not necessarily help your business.

What can help is having a broker with real world experience of clients opting for this type of policy. They will be able to tell you if another company in your sector got significant savings from a telematics policy. And, after all it does all come down to the bottom line.

For example, when a client was able to make savings by changing to a different black box system, we passed on this information to other clients. If by installing a traffic camera, we were able to save a client money, we would help all our customers benefit, by sharing this knowledge.

Whether you are tech savvy, or would prefer to concentrate on other aspects of your business, a specialist insurance broker can help. As a specialist in this field, an insurance broker can explain clearly, the advantages and disadvantages, a policy has for your fleet.

Do I need a telematics insurance policy for my truck? Where should I start?

We believe unbiased perspective is essential. Where right for the customer, we work closely with insurers who use these smart technologies to reduce premiums. This type of fleet insurance policy should defiantly be considered. We have seen Telematics policies allow some companies to see significant savings.

Where should I start searching for fleet insurance using telematic technologies?

It can seem like a time consuming process, but with the right specialist advice, you can find a telematics insurance policy with tangible benefits for your business. To speak to a specialist advisor please contact us today!

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